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Date:      Fri, 4 Jul 1997 14:03:19 +0200 (SAT)
From:      Khetan Gajjar <>
Subject:   IJPPP and leased line problem(s)
Message-ID:  <>

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I've got a FreeBSD box connected via a analogue leased line to my ISP.
I'm using userland ppp, with the following ppp.conf file :

 set device /dev/cuaa0
 set speed 38400
 disable lqr
 deny lqr
 set timeout 0
 set ifaddr
 delete ALL
 add 0 0 HISADDR
 set openmode active 

( is my IP address, is the static IP address
assigned to the Portmaster).

I try to launch this with ppp -auto leasedline, but that often
fails. So, What I do is run it on a spare terminal, enter my password
and type dial leasedline. Hey presto, that works.

Question 1 : why does it not work with -auto ?
PS. No username/password is necessary - the Portmaster just starts speaking
PPP immediately.

The next thing is that sometimes the line goes down. In a case like that,
the modems will re-negotiate. Is there anything I can do to user-ppp
which will cause it to re-initialise the PPP connection ?

Question 2 : how do I get user-PPP to re-start itself when PPP dies ?

The following thing is that often the add 0 0 HISADDR line does nothing.
I have to delete ALL, and re-enter add 0 0 HISADDR, and then it works.
Sometimes, this happens quite often.

Question 3 : who does the routing fail, and more importantly, how do I get
the routing to work when noone is there to type it in ?

Question 4 : how do I add the equivalent command of route 
-interface lo0 using user-ppp ?

Thanks very much to anyone who can help.

Khetan Gajjar                               |              |
PGP : finger | I run FreeBSD -
UUNET Internet Africa Support               | 0800-030-002 &

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                -- Ashley Montagu

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