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Date:      Thu, 28 Dec 2006 22:49:14 +0100
From:      Gabor Kovesdan <>
Subject:   Re: where to get the iso c90 compiler?
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>> [Fistly, people wrote code in pure binary language. Then assembly 
>> were invented and later they wrote higher level languages in assembly.]
> > With whatever C compiler the gcc developer had at that time.
> > It probably wasn't.  The first ever compiler was most likely written
> > in assembler.  Later on the first compiler for a new language has
> > usually been written in some other language.
> Yeah I knew that. Anyone know a good book on assembly language?
> The evolution of programming. Can someone give me a link?
Well, I don't know assembly, but I found this and it looks very good:

And it is exclusively for FreeBSD! ;)


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