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Date:      Sat, 14 Sep 1996 01:50:46 GMT
From:      Peter Childs <>
Subject:   Re: IP Address Spoofing
Message-ID:  <>

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In article <199609120601.OAA00521@jsys> you wrote:
: Hello, co-FreeBSD users...


: We are now installing an Internet and LAN environment in our office.  We are using FreeBSD as our Internet server and at the same time as a router.  Our provider assigned one IP address for our PPP serial port and we are planning to use the imaginary network 10.x.x.x for our Internal LAN.  I read from the Linux book the term "spoofing" which do some proxying for the Internal IP address (10.x.x.x) to be recognized in the Internet.  Does FreeBSD have such capabilities ?  Please tell us the procedures and important things to configure the FreeBSD for "spoofing" if FreeBSD have ?

: Please reply immediately so that our client PC's can have an access to the Internet.

 Well there are several ways to do this, depending on what you require and
 mean by access to the internet.

 The options you have depend on what you actually want to do...

 1. Install the IPFilter package and enable NAT (network address
    translation).  This "package" is not available _with_ freebsd
    by default, and is not the for the faint of heart (ie. you 
    better know something about IP, firewalls, packet filtering,
    kernel compiling, hacking etc)

    This will provide you with the "ip spoofing" by translating
    internal addresses to appear if they came from the single
    ip on your server.

 2. Install some sort of proxy'ing service on your server.. pretty
    easy and will allow proxy'd access to most resource on the
    internet... options are...

    . Squid (in /usr/ports/www/squid) is a cache and proxy that allows
      caching/proxy'ing of http/ftp/gopher/wais requests.

    . Socks (in /usr/ports/net/socks?) is a socks server, that lets you
      use applications that support socks to be proxied through your

 Depending on your exact requirements, and level of expertise, i'd
 pick from the above...

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