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Date:      Thu, 15 Oct 2009 10:16:32 +0200
From: (Joerg Schilling)
Subject:   Re: mkisofs error
Message-ID:  <>

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Be _very_ careful, genisoimage is full of bugs and creates defective filesystems.
Do not use it, genisoimage is unmaintained and does not even support files > 4 GB!
Other well known bugs in genisoimage create defective directory entries for "." 
and "..". This is because genisoimage is based on a 5 year old version of 
mkisofs with additional bugs added that never have been in the original software.

Mkisofs has no known bugs and is well maintained.

I see no reason why mkisofs should be the cause for your problem...

Well you did not describe the problem in a way that could allow to analyse the 
background. Possible reasons for your problem could be read errors on the 
medium, check using:

	readcd f=/dev/null

whether the medium is fully readable.

Another possible reason could be a problem in the filesystem driver of the 
kernel. If a file gives a read error, there should be a kernel message related 
to the problem. 

If you are able to extract the file using "isoinfo" using the ISO-9660 name of 
the file (be careful not to use the defective "isoinfo" that comes with 
"cdrkit"), the problem is definitely not in mkisofs.

BTW: do you use a recent or an outdated mkisofs?

The latest version of mkisofs is 2.01.01a66 and FreeBSD by default 
unfortunately distributes extremely outdated versions.....


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