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Date:      Wed, 12 May 1999 22:20:57 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Chuck Robey <>
To:        David Schwartz <>
Cc:        current@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   RE: cvs commit: src/sys/pci pcisupport.c 
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On Wed, 12 May 1999, David Schwartz wrote:

> > I have to comment on this, it's too outrageous.  Several times in the
> > past, folks have written in and asked, if they wrote some particular
> > piece of software, would it get committed.  They said that it was a
> > large undertaking, and that they wouldn't undertake it, unless there was
> > general agreement beforehand about it.
> 	There is a big difference between a general agreement that some feature or
> other is a "good thing" and a blank check of approval for code changes.
> These seem to get confused all the time.
> 	One example of this problem, in the opposite direction of the one you
> mentioned, is the old, "If you think that's such a good idea, why don't you
> code it and submit it?" This is equally unhelpful. If it's a bad idea, why
> should anyone code it? If it's a code idea, why does it matter who codes it,
> as long as it's coded well?

Because if it's a day of coding, you should just do it.  If it's a 3
month project, you don't waste such time, and you should communicate it.
The time factor is judged by folks who code for a living, and maybe it's
a little high, but not too bad.  I haven't seen this rule misapplied,
but it's possible some may think so; they are most likely mis-estimating
the scope of the work involved.

I have a 3 day project in mind; I'm just going to code it (once I get
finished with classes in 2 weeks);  if it gets turned down, I'm a big
boy, I'll get over it.

If it was longer, I would bore you all with it.  It's not, and I won't.

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