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Date:      Fri, 13 Sep 96 11:39:52 CST
From:      "Wayne M. Barnes, Ph.D." <>
Subject:   travails
Message-ID:  <>

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Dear FreeBSDers,

     System:  Dell Dimension P100t  (pentium 100)
              8 + 32 = 40 Meg RAM
              EIDE controller
              1.6 Gig WD drive jumpered as master.
              4X NEC IDE CD Rom jumpered as slave.
              BootEasy boot manager is working.
              400 MB DOS 6.22 partition
             ~447 MB FreeBSD partition
                 32 MB root  /
                 32 MB swap   
                 58 MB      /spare
                 30 MB      /var
               ~297 MB      /usr
              rest of drive is extended DOS partition, D: and E:
              CD rom drive works fine as dos drive F:

BIG PROBLEM -- Can someone at least tell me whether this is hardware or
software, and which piece is broken?  

     Boot: Error: C:0 H:0 S:0
           Error: C:0 H:0 S:0
           Error: C:0 H:0 S:0
           ... endlessly repeating

      I was able to seemingly install FreeBSD over FTP, after booting
unix from the View program and Install.bat on the F: CD rom.  Thus, I
was running unix on my system for quite awhile.  

      In fact, I was running (and booting) FreeBSD on this computer for
a few weeks, when I decided I needed a larger FreeBSD partition.  This
first installation of FreeBSD installed with a boot floppy and FTP.  It
was before I rejumpered my drives, and it never could see my CD.  

      The above error occurs before and after rejumpering.  

   Actually, if I could have figured out how to mount another
(extended? secondary?) partition on my drive, I would have done that
without re-installing FreeBSD.  However, I did decide to re-install in
a larger partition, and since then I get the above error.   Too bad --
I was even running Xwindows very well.  

      However, when I boot from my apparently successful (that is, no 
errors while it was happening) re-installation via FTP, the above 
error happens.

      This error also occurs if I boot from a boot.flp floppy, which
floppy works fine on my Gateway2000 at home, so the floppy is not
broken.  I remade the floppy several times, no help.   

      I am almost, but not quite able to install from the CDrom.  It
boots OK, and I go through the installation screens ok, but when it is
actually copying over the bin system, it s l o w s   d o w n  at about
chunk 20, getting slower and slower, and finally making write errors
and the installation fails.  This happened twice.  This did not happen
with the FTP install.

     About the only thing I haven't tried is to take out some of my
memory.  I had 8 MB for the first installation.  Then I put in 32 MB
more.  This did not hurt anything for running the first installation. 
I mention this only for completeness, not thinking it is a real 

     Thank you for any support you can give. 

Wayne M. Barnes, Ph.D.             fax: 314/362-7183  or 362-3350
Dept. Biochemistry 8231, Washington Univ. Med.School
4566 Scott Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63110 USA       ph: 314/362-3351

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