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Date:      Sat, 30 Nov 96 01:02:17 cst
Subject:   trouble with NFS mounting a JAZ drive
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I'm having trouble with NFS mounting an Iomega Jaz drive which I recently 
purchased and installed on my 486-66 system.  I have the Jaz drive, an HP hard
disk, and a CDROM on a AHA-1542CP controller, and I'm using the 3COM 3c509B
network card.

I can mount the Jaz file system (an msdos disk), but after I start copying data
to it, the FreeBSD system (2.1.0-RELEASE) will reboot or hang on accesses to 
the jaz disk.

Has anyone seen similar problems?  I don't know if it is a hardware 
(SCSI/cable/other) or software problem.  I hesitate to download a new release 
unless there is reason to suspect a software problem (and a likely fix).

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Jeff Porter

ps.  Any pointers to using the Jaz drive with FreeBSD would also be 

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