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Date:      Fri, 13 Apr 2012 11:11:20 -0600
From:      "Chad Leigh Shire.Net LLC" <>
To:        FreeBSD Mailing List <>
Cc:        Chad Leigh <>
Subject:   Changes in Jails from FreeBSD 6 to FreeBSD 9 -- particularly, networking and routing
Message-ID:  <>

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Hi All

OK, so I have a server that has been running FreeBSD 6.1 and a bunch of =
jails, providing a few limited services.  I am migrating these from real =
hardware and FreeBSD 6.1 with jail running, to a Xen based VPS running =
FreeBSD 9.0-R with a kernel rebuild from a GENERIC kernel to GENERIC =
plus the Xen pci device.  There is one network device on the new server =
and it shares all addresses and the default route goes out it.

Because jails in FBSD 6 shared a network stack, I could have a public =
network x.x.x.0/24 and public address on the host machine, and a default =
route in that network as well, and use a address aliased =
on the same network interface as the IP for my jail.  When doing that, =
from inside the jail, I could still reach the internet since it shared =
the route with the underlying  machine.

That seems to have changed on FBSD 9.  Now, if I add in the = address and run a jail on it, with the host machine in a =
public network/address/route as described above, from inside the jail I =
CANNOT reach the internet (it is not a resolver issue as services going =
to numeric addresses also fail).   However, the jail with the private = address CAN reach the host machines services even if it =
cannot get out onto the internet.  And the HOST machine can access =
services on the jail running on the private IP address.

(The purpose of the jail is to provide services to other jails and hosts =
on the same public network [all VPS on the same public vlan] and NOT to =
provide services to the internet.  Things like local ldap or a local dns =
etc.  But the private jail still needs to reach the internet for things =
like name servers it needs to access that are outside of the public =
network the host lives in.  So I don't care if the internet itself can =
reach the private jail, just the local jails and hosts it co-exists =
with.   The answer shouldn't be natd etc (was not needed in 6.0 and I am =
not sharing one public address with a range of private jails behind it).

If I launch the jail with an address from the same public range as the =
host, it works fine.  The jail can access the internet fine and vice =
versa.  The host can access the jail services as well.

If I launch the jail with a private address, the jail cannot reach the =
internet.  It can reach the host in the public network, but not other =
machines in the same public network (ie, the other VPS I have running =
which are all in the same public network).

If I launch the jail with both a private address and a public address, =
it can reach the internet and other VPS on the same public network.  I =
may have to end up doing that and just not having any services run on =
the public IP but I'd rather avoid using up an address like that.

What changes happened in the jails between FBSD 6 and FBSD 9 that would =
give the symptoms I have been experiencing?


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