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Date:      Sat, 19 Jul 1997 15:24:26 -0400 (EDT)
From:      "Gary D. Margiotta" <>
Subject:   xmkmf
Message-ID:  <>

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I just have one question, probably a stupid one, but it is annoying

I am installing (or trying to at least) some ports for X11R6.  I have
sup'd the current ports, but when I went to make install them, it stoped
with an error to the effect of 'xmkmf not found, no such file or
directory'.  So I did a find, and found xmkmf, but forgot to add X11R6/bin
to my path.  I did this, and now it finds xmkmf, but still does not
install due to the following error: 

Imakefile.c:3: Imake.tmpl: No such file or directory
imake: Exit code 33. Stop.
make: don't know how to make all.  Stop.

Now I'm lost...

If anyone would be so kind as to give me a pointer of two, it would be
greatly appreciated.  Please reply directly to me as I'm not a member of
this specific list.  Thanks a lot!

-Gary Margiotta
TBE Internet Services

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