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Date:      Sat, 12 Apr 2003 09:09:30 -0700
From:      =?unknown-8bit?Q?S=EAr=EAciya_Kurdistan=EE?= <>
Subject:   Re: Quick IPFW Question Concerning Sendmail
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Hello Jonathan,

> sorry i took so long to reply, i am a disabled man, living i australia.

  Don't worry, I'm glad to hear you reply ;)

> i spend a long time in bed some times, especially in winter. i have
> severe arthritis there are other more serious complications but there
> is no need to go preaching how hard teh world is <GRIN>.

  I hope you feel better.

  Now... how may I help you?
> i've been watching your posts and keep up teh good work in freebsd we
> need more people like you sereciaya. ok.

  Thank you!  Such a wonderful compliment ;))  I know what it is not to
  know where to turn when you are stuck and looking for help ; I just
  want to return the favor in the spirit of open-source/net brotherhood
  ( and of course sisterhood, or Robin Hood   Ooops! wrong hood ;)
> thank you for your quick and most gracious responce .. and i got slack
> with my responce, sometimes its just like that.

  I'm afraid I don't remember exactly what the question was, if you
  wouldn't mind refreshing my memory.
> if i may ask, please ?

  Certainly!  Anything! ;)
> what sort of rig (ummm computer equipment do you run on your side of
> teh wire ???

  For my router, I have a 700 MHz AMD Duron, Hardware Raid 1, (2)120GB HD's,
  256MB RAM.

> i've got a small network in my spare bedroom (i recently moved into a
> really nice govt 'project house' here in mascot right near australia
> leading international air port, i'm right in teh middle of teh main
> east-west runway .. the captains line up thier landing gear in teh roof
> top ridges of my house big smile and laugh.

  Oh wow... I hope you don't wake up with any tire marks from the landing
  gear ;)  Better keep a shotgun near so the "birds" land farther down
  the runway ;)
> my network was untill recently a couple of 484dx33's (2 of them all
> with 16 mb dram and 500 mb scsi hard drives) and a couple of 386dx33's
> one with 16 mb dram and the other one with 8 mb dram and 354 mb esdi

  There's nothing wrong with legacy hardware, lots of people are making
  use of them ; turning once gigantic doorstops into servers, routers,
  and fileservers.

  Until very recently, my router had only one HD, a 1.2GB disk given
  to me by a friend.  It died, and I was forced to make some changes
  running of a bootable cdrom with my firewall/router stuff on it.

> hard drive it was my first computer and finally died. 

  I offer my condolences.

> the other 386 has
> a couple of scsi drives (a mix of 300 and 500 mb drives). now i have a
> 4'th hand 166 mhz p5 and a couple of pentium pros that need a bit of
> work to get back into good running order.

  Wow.  Good collection ;)  Interested in clustering?
> well thats me and mine .. sorry i got carried away  bit., well there ya
> go i've gobbled up a few lines again.

  I'm glad to be listening... only, if you would re-post your question,
  I would be more than happy to help you in any way possible ;)
> with warm regards

  Good luck!

--SÍrÍciya KurdistanÓ

Always ready to help you out ;)

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