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Date:      Mon, 20 Jan 2014 20:33:29 -0800
From:      Dennis Glatting <>
Subject:   confused by these mbuf stats
Message-ID:  <>

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I have a 10.0 system (r260881) with multiple applications reading data
over NFS. I'm a bit confused by the stats below  where 1478 requests for
9k bufs were denied yet 9k numbers (current/cache/total/max) seem to
indicate that should never happen. This system is reading ~800Mb from a
1Gb ethernet.

I'm a bit confused what these numbers are telling me. Can you explain?

root@mc:# netstat -m
32791/18824/51615 mbufs in use (current/cache/total)
0/7136/7136/4194304 mbuf clusters in use (current/cache/total/max)
0/7130 mbuf+clusters out of packet secondary zone in use (current/cache)
6/1187/1193/2097408 4k (page size) jumbo clusters in use
32764/2604/35368/16779264 9k jumbo clusters in use
0/0/0/2097408 16k jumbo clusters in use (current/cache/total/max)
303097K/47162K/350259K bytes allocated to network (current/cache/total)
0/0/0 requests for mbufs denied (mbufs/clusters/mbuf+clusters)
0/0/0 requests for mbufs delayed (mbufs/clusters/mbuf+clusters)
0/0/0 requests for jumbo clusters delayed (4k/9k/16k)
0/1478/0 requests for jumbo clusters denied (4k/9k/16k)
0 requests for sfbufs denied
0 requests for sfbufs delayed
0 requests for I/O initiated by sendfile

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