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Date:      Fri, 8 Dec 1995 23:39:22 -0700
From: (Sean Kelly)
Subject:   tw driver
Message-ID:  <>

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I'm trying to get the tw driver to work but haven't had any luck.  It
won't detect the TW523 connected to the parallel port.

Here's what's up:

- This is on FreeBSD 2.0.5.  The parallel port's enabled in the BIOS.
  Micron P66.

- Built a connector for the parallel port according to the directions

  With one small modification: RJ-11 pin 1 (black) goes to both
  DB-25's pins 12 and 17.  The tw source code says it looks at pin
  17, but the web document mentioned above talks about 12 being
  preferred, while 17 is backwards compatible.

- Added device tw0 to kernel config, compiled and installed the

- Rebooted.  The probe repeatedly calls wait_for_zero(), which never
  finds the zero crossing signal.  Eventually it gives up.

- I've tried both cross over modular cable and straight-through.  The
  docs, such as they are, aren't clear which to use.  Neither work.

What can I do?

Sean Kelly
NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory, Boulder Colorado USA

If you work on a lobster boat, sneaking up behind people and pinching
them is probably a joke that gets old real fast.  -- Jack Handey

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