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Date:      Mon, 03 Oct 2011 14:47:21 +0200
From:      Damien Fleuriot <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD 8.2, sec.update -p3, switching between X and console prompt, /var full
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On 10/3/11 1:54 PM, n dhert wrote:
> Hi,
> I have FreeBSD amd64, 8.2-RELEASE,
> I just applied the securtiy update p3 and now have
> $ uname -r
> 8.2-RELEASE-p3
> I have X running and KDE,
> My machine is a virtual machine (Vmware)
> After boot-up I got a graphical login window (as always), I wanted to
> switch to a console prompt, so hit  Ctrl-Alt-F1
> but there is now NO reaction at all (neither with Ctrl-Alt-F2,
> ...Ctrl-Alt-F8)
> tried many times
> In the past this was never a problem (in the pas also as a Virtual machine)
>>From a different PC, I also connected to my FreeBSD machine
> Got a graphical window, here I could, after two tries, get the console
> prompt,
> went back to graphical mode via Ctrl-Alt-F9, OK,
> but now neither keyboard, nor mouse reacts to input ...
> Went back to my first PC, now here the same situatuon:
> graphical window, keyboard and mouse: no more reaction
> Now I see, my /var is for 108% full
> There was a huge file Xorg.0.log  16959946731 bytes
> I deleted it, but still it remains 108% full and I can't create new file
> How to solve this ???
> help!

That's because xorg still uses the log file.

Type as root: sync

If that doesn't fix you up, restart Xorg, you'll get your correct size.

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