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Date:      Fri, 2 May 2008 07:39:05 +0200
From:      "Olivier GARNIER" <>
To:        "'Derek Ragona'" <>, <>
Subject:   RE: Nut problem and last message repeated in dmesg
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$ pkg_info | grep nut
nut-2.2.1_1         Network UPS Tools

$ grep driver /usr/local/etc/nut/*.conf | grep -v \#
/usr/local/etc/nut/ups.conf:    driver =3D usbhid-ups

$ grep Ellipse /usr/local/etc/nut/driver.list | grep 750 | grep usb
"MGE Office Protection Systems" "Ellipse ASR USBS 600/750/1000/1500 VA"
"USB cable"     "usbhid-ups"
"MGE UPS SYSTEMS"       "Ellipse Office 750"            "USB"   =

$ sudo /usr/local/etc/rc.d/nut start
Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.2.1
Network UPS Tools: 0.29 USB communication driver - core 0.32 (2.2.1)

Using subdriver: MGE HID 1.01
Starting nut.
Network UPS Tools upsd 2.2.1
listening on port 3493
Connected to UPS [ellipse]: usbhid-ups-ellipse

Broadcast Message from root@myhost
        (no tty) at 7:34 CEST...

Communications with UPS ellipse@localhost established

It seems to be the good driver.
It seems to be the last nut version.
It seems to run weel during about 1/2 day, and then crash :/


De=A0: Derek Ragona []=20
Envoy=E9=A0: jeudi 1 mai 2008 20:14
=C0=A0: Olivier GARNIER;
Objet=A0: Re: Nut problem and last message repeated in dmesg

Make sure you are using the correct driver.=A0 Nut has consolidated and
changed drivers in recent releases.=A0=20


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