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Date:      Fri, 05 Jan 1996 15:54:51 +0200
From: (Yrjänä Rankka)
Subject:   PCI card and a Compaq blues
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In some previous messages in freebsd-questions I've gathered, that there
seems to be some general problems  involving Compaq PCs equipped with PCI
HW. I recently had the kind of problems someone had with an Adaptec SCSI,
but mine's was a NCR-based card. Depending of the version of
Diagnostics/SETUP used the computer either recognised the card or not, and I
wasn't able to define an IRQ for it.

In my case the probes identified the card properly, but couldn't allocate an
IRQ (Irq 255 Invalid). I could get as far as getting the xserver's login
screen, but then the machine would hang up with a continuous beep from the
speakers. My version of FreeBSD is 2.0.5-R from CDROM and I'm having no
difficulties running it on a fresh-from-the-box Presario CDS 772 with the
IDE disk and the IDE CDROM-hack I glued on works nicely too.
So I trashed the NCR board and ordered an Adaptec PCI card instead and now
I'm wondering whether this will work or not... 
If someone has a working system with this hardware, please enlighten me.

It would be nice to have a bit more complete reference on hardware people
are using to run FreeBSD. If someone's working no such a list, here's mine:
Compaq CDS 772 (P5 75MHz 256k cache, 8 MB RAM, 540MB HD, Embedded IDE&SVGA
with Cirrus chipset,4xCDROM)

"Got depressed, wrote a note, used a gun, Cobain..." (sung to the tune of
'Cocaine' by J.J.Cale)

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