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Date:      Sat, 5 Oct 1996 13:19:40 +0100 (BST)
From:      Nik Clayton <>
Subject:   MUTT and color
Message-ID:  <>

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Is anyone using Mutt (a curses based mail reader) on FreeBSD, in color_xterm
or rxvt, and getting it to display colour?

I'm trying, and failing. I can run color_xterm (or rxvt) and use something
like color_ls, which works correctly, however Mutt, which is also supposed
to use colour, doesn't show the colours.

I've posted this query to the Mutt mailing list, and the consensus was that
I needed a termcap entry with colour support. Fair enough, but the suggested
solutions ('setenv TERM xterm-color', when $TERM is already 'xterm') don't

Another solution, from Brandon Long, was to use terminfo, with a private
terminfo directory pointed to by $TERMINFO. While this approach worked on
a SunOS 4.1.3 system which was exhibiting the same problem, it hasn't worked
on my stock 2.1.5-RELEASE system.

This is not exactly a life threatening problem (<grin>), but if anyone's
managed to get Mutt and colour working on a FreeBSD system, I'd love to
hear from you.

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