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Date:      Sun, 14 Feb 1999 20:18:21 -0500
From:      "Nick Folino" <>
To:        "FreeBSD Stable" <stable@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   3.1-BETA and parallel Zip drive
Message-ID:  <000001be5881$136a1f60$>

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I've been having problems getting 3.1-BETA to work with a parallel Zip
drive.  It sees the drive, but gives me timeouts.  There is a disk in the
drive.  There is also an Adaptec 1542 SCSI controller in the computer(was
thinking maybe that could have something to do with it??).  Here is dmesg
output and kernel config:

debo# dmesg
Copyright (c) 1992-1999 FreeBSD Inc.
Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
        The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.
FreeBSD 3.1-BETA #0: Sun Feb 14 19:58:40 EST 1999
Timecounter "i8254"  frequency 1193182 Hz
Timecounter "TSC"  frequency 99716492 Hz
CPU: Pentium/P54C (99.72-MHz 586-class CPU)
  Origin = "GenuineIntel"  Id = 0x525  Stepping=5
real memory  = 50331648 (49152K bytes)
avail memory = 46641152 (45548K bytes)
Preloaded elf kernel "kernel" at 0xf0255000.
Probing for devices on PCI bus 0:
chip0: <Intel 82439> rev 0x03 on pci0.0.0
chip1: <Intel 82371SB PCI to ISA bridge> rev 0x01 on pci0.7.0
ide_pci0: <Intel PIIX3 Bus-master IDE controller> rev 0x00 on pci0.7.1
vga0: <S3 968 graphics accelerator> rev 0x00 int a irq 9 on pci0.17.0
Probing for devices on the ISA bus:
sc0 on isa
sc0: VGA color <16 virtual consoles, flags=0x0>
ed0 at 0x300-0x31f irq 10 maddr 0xd8000 msize 16384 on isa
ed0: address 00:00:c0:50:0a:82, type SMC8216/SMC8216C (16 bit)
atkbdc0 at 0x60-0x6f on motherboard
atkbd0 irq 1 on isa
sio0 at 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4 flags 0x10 on isa
sio0: type 16550A
sio1 at 0x2f8-0x2ff irq 3 flags 0x10 on isa
sio1: type 16550A
ppc0 at 0x378 irq 7 on isa
ppc0: Generic chipset (EPP/NIBBLE) in COMPATIBLE mode
vpo0: <Iomega VPI0 Parallel to SCSI interface> on ppbus 0
vpo0: EPP 1.9 mode
wdc0 at 0x1f0-0x1f7 irq 14 on isa
wdc0: unit 0 (wd0): <WDC AC21600H>
wd0: 1549MB (3173184 sectors), 3148 cyls, 16 heads, 63 S/T, 512 B/S
fdc0 at 0x3f0-0x3f7 irq 6 drq 2 on isa
fdc0: FIFO enabled, 8 bytes threshold
fd0: 1.44MB 3.5in
aha0 at 0x330-0x333 irq 11 drq 5 on isa
aha0: AHA-1542CF FW Rev. C.0 (ID=45) SCSI Host Adapter, SCSI ID 7, 16 CCBs
vga0 at 0x3b0-0x3df maddr 0xa0000 msize 131072 on isa
npx0 on motherboard
npx0: INT 16 interface
Intel Pentium detected, installing workaround for F00F bug
IP packet filtering initialized, divert disabled, rule-based forwarding
disabled, unlimited logging
Waiting 8 seconds for SCSI devices to settle
vpo0: VP0 error/timeout (5)
vpo0: VP0 error/timeout (5)
vpo0: VP0 error/timeout (5)
vpo0: VP0 error/timeout (5)
vpo0: VP0 error/timeout (5)
sa0 at aha0 bus 0 target 0 lun 0
sa0: <ARCHIVE Python 25588-XXX 2.96> Removable Sequential Access SCSI-2
sa0: 3.300MB/s transfers
da0 at aha0 bus 0 target 4 lun 0
da0: <QUANTUM EMPIRE_1080S 1242> Fixed Direct Access SCSI-2 device
da0: 3.300MB/s transfers
da0: 1029MB (2109376 512 byte sectors: 64H 32S/T 1029C)
da1 at aha0 bus 0 target 6 lun 0
da1: <IBM 0662S12       !O 2 23> Fixed Direct Access SCSI-2 device
da1: 3.333MB/s transfers (3.333MHz, offset 8)
da1: 1003MB (2055035 512 byte sectors: 64H 32S/T 1003C)

debo# cat DEBO
machine         "i386"
ident           DEBO
maxusers        10
options         "MAXDSIZ=(256*1024*1024)"
options         "DFLDSIZ=(256*1024*1024)"
options         FAILSAFE
options         PQ_LARGECACHE           # color for 512k/16k cache
config          kernel  root on wd0
cpu             "I586_CPU"              # aka Pentium(tm)
options         "COMPAT_43"
options         LKM
options         SYSVSHM
options         SYSVSEM
options         SYSVMSG
options         "MD5"
options         USERCONFIG              #boot -c editor
options         VISUAL_USERCONFIG       #visual boot -c editor
options         INET
pseudo-device   ether
pseudo-device   loop
pseudo-device   bpfilter 4
pseudo-device   tun     1
options         "TCP_COMPAT_42"
options         IPFIREWALL
options         IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE
options         FFS
options         PROCFS
options         FFS_ROOT
controller      scbus0  #base SCSI code
device          da0     #SCSI direct access devices (aka disks)
device          sa0     #SCSI tapes
pseudo-device   pty     16      #Pseudo ttys - can go as high as 256
pseudo-device   speaker         #Play IBM BASIC-style noises out your
pseudo-device   snp     3       #Snoop device - to look at pty/vty/etc..
controller      isa0
options         "AUTO_EOI_1"
options         "TUNE_1542"
controller      atkbdc0 at isa? port IO_KBD tty
device          atkbd0  at isa? tty irq 1
device          sc0     at isa? tty
options         MAXCONS=16
options         SC_DISABLE_REBOOT
device          npx0    at isa? port IO_NPX iosiz 0x0 flags 0x0 irq 13
controller      aha0    at isa? port ? cam irq ?
controller      wdc0    at isa? port "IO_WD1" bio irq 14
disk            wd0     at wdc0 drive 0
options         IDE_DELAY=8000
options         SCSI_DELAY=8000
controller      fdc0    at isa? port "IO_FD1" bio irq 6 drq 2
disk            fd0     at fdc0 drive 0
#device         lpt0    at isa? port? tty irq 7
device          sio0    at isa? port "IO_COM1" tty flags 0x10 irq 4
device          sio1    at isa? port "IO_COM2" tty flags 0x10 irq 3
device ed0 at isa? port 0x300 net irq 10 iomem 0xd8000
controller      pci0
controller      ahc0

# Parallel-Port Bus
# Parallel port bus support is provided by the `ppbus' device.
# Multiple devices may be attached to the parallel port, devices
# are automatically probed and attached when found.
# Supported devices:
# vpo   Iomega Zip Drive
#       Requires SCSI disk support ('scbus' and 'da'), best
#       performance is achieved with ports in EPP 1.9 mode.
# nlpt  Parallel Printer, use _instead_ of lpt0
# plip  Parallel network interface
# ppi   General-purpose I/O ("Geek Port")
# pps   Pulse per second Timing Interface
# lpbb  Philips official parallel port I2C bit-banging interface
# Supported interfaces:
# ppc   ISA-bus parallel port interfaces.
controller      ppbus0
controller      vpo0    at ppbus?
#device         nlpt0   at ppbus?
#device         plip0   at ppbus?
#device         ppi0    at ppbus?
#device         pps0    at ppbus?
#device         lpbb0   at ppbus?

controller      scbus1 at ppbus0 # Just a long shot here
controller      ppc0    at isa? port ? tty irq 7



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