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Date:      Sat, 19 Jul 1997 23:10:28 +0200
Subject:   Problem with 2.2.2
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I have just spent time trying to get the 2.2.2 version of FreeBSD to work
for me.
I had a stable 2.1.6, - and now I'm kind of frustrated.

I cant locate the problem, but if I f.ex. run MC and try to get info from
the disk (F9 - I) I get the message "pid 507(mc), uid 0: exited on signal
11 - segmentation fault". Then the system start to act cracy.

What I can find in this situation is that the rc.conf-file starts to be
corrupted. It looks like as if all comments in the rc.conf duplicates -
"the file starts to grow" - more or less every time I do something. And at
the end it is finally corrupt - and some strange behavior comes up during
booting. There is also a backup of the rc.conf - rc.conf.previous, but this
will of course also go nuts if this "duplication" has been done 2 times.

It is partly possible to work on the system as long as I regulary change
back the rc.conf-file to my original version, now and then. I also have to
mention that as long as the rc.conf works, the system boots quite normal
and everething seems normal !

I would be kind of disappointed if I have to reinstall my version 2.1.6 -
Can someone help me not to do this ??!!??

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