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Date:      Sat, 25 Jan 2014 19:13:08 +0000
From:      Frank Leonhardt <>
To:        "" <>
Subject:   Why was nslookup removed from FreeBSD 10?
Message-ID:  <>

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Unbelievable, but true - someone somewhere thought that removing 
nslookup from the base system was the way to go.

Why? Can anyone shed any light on how this decision was made?

That's the question. The remainder are a few observations to save an 
obvious response...

nslookup has been deprecated in some quarters for while now, with that 
annoying message asking people to use dig instead, although ISC changed 
its mind on this point after BIND 9.8. That's not a reason, and anyway, 
dig is missing too.

Was it dropped because it's part on BIND, and that's been dropped from 
the base system (bad idea if you ask me, but no one did)? Well, as far 
as I can tell, this move has left us having to use "host" instead, and 
that's part of the BIND package too.

What's next? Will someone get the bright idea that "ls" is a bit dated 
and/or unfamiliar to Microsofties and replace it with "dir"? (And EVEN 
WINDOWS has nslookup).

If I wanted an OS that lacked features such as DNS out of the box, I'd 
have chosen Linux.

Regards, Frank.

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