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Date:      Fri, 27 Nov 1998 23:20:25 +0100
From:      Gary Jennejohn <>
To:        "Stefan Herrmann" <>
Cc:        freebsd-isdn@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: updates to i4b 
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"Stefan Herrmann" writes:
>> >Me and a friend of mine each have one problem: from time to time (once
>> >in about 14 days) freebsd (2.2.7) with isdn4bsd (0.63) reboots
>> >when the isdn-card (Teles 16.3) is aktivited, i.e. an internet call
>> >is made. I don't have a solution for it, although I tried to finde
>> >the cause.
>> did you manage to get a crashdump ?
>No, I couldn't. When the problem arises, the whole system freezes
>up and automatically reboots after a short time. There is no more
>interaction possible. :-(
>BTW, how do I make a crashdump ?

this depends to some extent on which version you're running.

It is addressed in the handbook, however.

Anyway, in a nutshell you need to enable dumps in /etc/rc.conf by setting
dumpdev to point at your swap device (I have dumpdev="/dev/sd0b"). Make
sure that the swap partition pointed to is big enough to hold all your
memory ! Then /etc/rc will automatically enable dumps by invoking dumpon.
At least, that the way it works in FreeBSD-current. See the dumpon manpage
for additioanl usefull information.

If your system panics then the kernel should automatically write a crashdump
to the swap device. All bets are off if you have ddb enabled. In that case the
kernel will land in ddb if a panic happens. This doesn't work too well if
you're in X Windows when a panic occurs since you'll never be able to switch
to the vt where ddb is waiting for input. Unless you boot using a serial
console I recommend against using ddb.

Gary Jennejohn
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