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Date:      Fri, 20 Jan 2012 17:16:09 +0100
From:      Leslie Jensen <>
To:        Da Rock <>,
Subject:   Was... A quick fix for Firefox mailto: issues  Now...  The other way round problem
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Excuse me for using this thread but I feel I have a problem related to 
this, but with Thunderbird not opening URLs.

I followed all instructions I can find, but have not been successful.

Using the config editor I added the following, and have checked that it 
is in the file prefs.js:

user_pref("", "/usr/local/bin/firefox");
user_pref("", "/usr/local/bin/firefox");
user_pref("", "/usr/local/bin/firefox");

user_pref("network.protocol-handler.warn-external.ftp", true);
user_pref("network.protocol-handler.warn-external.http", true);
user_pref("network.protocol-handler.warn-external.https", true);

This does not work for me and has been so for a while. It started after 
an upgrade.

If anyone has a solution to this problem I would like to read about it.

Thank you :-)

2012-01-20 15:02, Da Rock skrev:
> I don't know who else has come across this, or who even uses this
> particular combination of firefox and thunderbird. I use it for the sake
> of my users, so its just easier to be a roman in rome. I have setup
> IceWM as the standard though.
> In firefox when one clicks on a mailto: link it fails to work (default).
> After searching for hours and googling my brains out, changing settings
> and what not with zero success, the final answer was ridiculously
> simple: Manually set the mail command. Default doesn't work (for
> whatever reason- probably due to gnome or the lack of).
> To make things all right in the world click (on the menu bar in
> firefox): edit->preferences. Click the applications tab on the popup
> window, and look for mailto: and select "use other" and pick the mailer
> of your choice.
> Forget all the about:config settings and the other crap out there- it
> simply doesn't work. It probably has to do with the infiltration of
> gnome (and linuxisms), but the long and the short of it is it doesn't
> work for FreeBSD. This does.
> HTH someone in need (probably using google a month from now...) :)
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