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Date:      Sat, 12 Dec 2015 20:06:00 +0600
From:      Alexey Dokuchaev <>
Subject:   Looking for AMD APU based laptop with good FreeBSD support
Message-ID:  <>

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Hi there,

As FreeBSD currently still lacks proper support for Haswell, I'm starting
to consider if getting an AMD APU based laptop, while its CPU being slower
than even i3, could be a viable alternative for the time being (provided
everything else, including but not limited to suspend/resume, works fine).

Requirements: 14", 4+ cores (or 2+ AMD modules), unsoldered RAM up to 16GB
(2+ slots), no secondary (auxiliary, discrete) gfx card (AMD's internal
graphics is good enough and I don't want another potential point of failure,
standard SATA, gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth.  Fully working suspend
and resume: I can tolerate having to reinitialize network/sound card or
Bluetooth stack, but not a reboot.

Would be nice: good/easy disassembly and repairability, IPS screen or being
able to replace default TN one, standard DisplayPort rather than proprietary
HDMI, optical drive (to replace with HDD/SSD caddy), backlit keyboard, no
webcam, no preinstalled Windoze.  FireWire- or COM-port, unsoldered CPU --
couldn't be better.

Candidates so far:

1. HP ProBook 645 G1: looking at the datasheet [1] it has almost everything
I need, plus you can probably ask for Atheros WiFi chip instead of Broadcom.
Socketed APU (FS1r2) means you can get a cheap A4 and replace with A10 at a
better price than HP currently offers.

2. HP EliteBook 745 G2 and G3: got metal case, newer APU, but lacks CD/DVD
drive, lighter than ProBook.  I don't see Atheros option in the datasheet [2]
anymore though, and it says "1 USB 3.0; 1 USB 3.0 charging" for G3 which is
probably a typo (I hope) and there're still 4 USB ports total.  But it's more
expensive than ProBook, so overall option #1 makes a better choice ATM.

Questions to the community:

Did anyone have chance to try FreeBSD and perhaps compare these two models?
Shall I avoid them for some reason (bad craftsmanship, inefficient cooling
system, battery leaking current, etc.)?  Are there other laptops on AMD APU
except those HP's worth considering?  Thanks,



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