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Date:      Fri, 13 Sep 1996 19:17:52 -0700
From:      hmmm <>
To:        freebsd-questions <>
Subject:   modems
Message-ID:  <>

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i'm just going to put this in the drop box ...

no replies necessary.  something is really screwy here.
i can't wait for a new slick sio driver!

i had a 14.4 ISA Hayes modem.  after coming to the conclusion
that you cannot configure an internal modem & com port on the 
same port & irq, i still had problems.

i moved the modem to sio3/irq5 (disabled ed0 temporarily)
and enabled sio2,  even though it is completely unused.

the kernel reported sio 2&3 not found.  after thorough testing,
i found that whenever the kernel reported this, all i had to do
was boot DOS, run COMITs modem diagnostics, then reboot to BSD.
the kernel would then find sio3 without fail.  but if a crashed
iijppp, and had to reboot, sio3 would be lost again, and i'd
have to do the COMIT thing again. 

with a working stable setup - as above - i then disable sio2.
sio3 (modem) is now permenantly lost.  no tricks find it this time.
so i re-enable sio2.  sio3 found immediately.

i'm an embedded hacker scaling the walls of unix, and
ain't too smart, but this definitly seems like buggy behavior.

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