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Date:      Fri, 5 Jan 1996 13:10:06 -0500 (EST)
From:      Branson Matheson <>
Cc: (FreeBSD Questions)
Subject:   Re: Tar backup to another machine ?
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Scott Blachowicz" at Jan 5, 96 08:40:58 am

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> > You would probably be better off using the "Amanda" port in "packages"
> > if your intent is to perform remote backups.


> Is it possible to use amanda to do backups without having a "work"
> disk?

 Yes .. but it will be slow and dump things directly to tape. 

> Also, is it possible for amanda to put multiple days' backups on the same
> tape?  I've got a 2.3Gb tape drive (Exabyte), but I don't have THAT much
> stuff to backup.  Or does it really need one tape per backup run?

 has to be one tape at this point. 

> Or am I better off just cobbling together my own scripts to automate it?
> Or should I RTFM better/more thoroughly? :-)

 I would use amanda.


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