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Date:      Mon, 6 Feb 1995 07:23:51 -0800 (PST)
Subject:   Re: login to FreeBSD via modem. How?
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In-Reply-To: <3933.9502061025@suma1> from "" at Feb 6, 95 10:25:18 am

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> Can anyone tell me how to enable remote logins to my FreeBSD 2 system via
> a modem.  I have a modem (14k4) on com1, /dev/ttyd0, which I use to collect
> email via UUCP. I would also like to allow a friend to login through
> the same modem (at 2400 baud) to check their mail.
> I have turned ttyd0 on and use "getty std.2400" but all I get is rubbish
> when the modem auto-answers.

That's probably because you need to set the baud rate higher...  High
speed modems don't quite work the way you'd expect them to.  You should
configure the port and modem to always use a constant baud rate (usually
38400 or 57600), and you let the modem handle the speed conversion.

If you need any help with this, I'd be glad to help.

> I relalise that the setting on/off in ttys will need changing before 
> uucico calls out and a "kill -hup 1".  I can handle that with a script.

No, you don't really _need_ to do it that way.  There's a better way.
Set up uucico to dial out on /dev/cua00, and set up your getty to use
/dev/ttyd0.  FreeBSD has bidirectional port locking, which is enabled by
default in FreeBSD 2.x.  Check "man sio" for more info on this.

> Any ideas on what could be wrong?  Do I need a fancy stty command? 

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