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Date:      Tue, 23 Nov 1999 23:04:13 EST
Subject:   Re: FIPS session ends w/ "Memory Allocation Error"
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>If you are going to install FreeBSD in the second partition,
>you want a primary partition, not an extended parition.
>DOS will not recognize any primary partition except its own.

>Reading though only the part quoted below, every thing looks


So, the partition that FIPS created is an extended partition?  Any idea why 
it would do that?  Any idea of how to change it to a primary partition?

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> Subject: FIPS session ends w/ "Memory Allocation Error"
> I ran FIPS to split my 6.4gig hd.  Win95b is the first OS, and I hope to 
> FreeBSD on the new partition.  The FIPS session seemed to go well,  but 
> with:
> Repartioning complete
> With FAT32 partitions, you should now run scandisk on the shortened 
> Bye!
> Memory Allocation error
> Cannot load COMMAND, system halted.
> I had run FIPS from a: using a boot disk as recommended in fips.doc.
> I then rebooted normally, starting Windows95, and ran FDISK:
> Current Fixed Disk Drive: 1
> Partition    Status   Type          Volume label    Mbytes    System    
>  C: 1             A       PRI-DOS                            4628       
>      75%
>      2                      NON-DOS                           1553          
>           25%
> So, partition 2 is the newly created one, but it is listed as NON-DOS.  
> According to fips.doc, fips is supposed to create a new primary DOS 
> partition, which it seems not to have done in my case.  Also, the new 
> partition is supposed to be recognized by DOS after you reboot, but no new 
> drives appear in Windows Explorer, just the same old A, C, and Q (cd rom).

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