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Date:      Mon, 8 Mar 2010 15:24:07 +0100
From:      Bernd Walter <>
Subject:   Re: Smallest ARM Device for FreeBSD
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On Mon, Mar 08, 2010 at 08:40:52AM -0500, wrote:
> This will be a minimal system that really only needs 2 USB or serial inputs
> and network connectivity.  It will act as a "sensor" - serving to read from
> the 2 inputs and relaying that information over the network.
> I'm actually flexible enough to not even have the 2 inputs since shrinking
> the system takes a higher priority.

It is hard to say without knowing your design limitations about
RAM, size, speed, power.
My RM9200 boards have 10x10cm, 4 port ethernet switch, 64-128MB
RAM and power consumption of 1.5-2.6W.
It has a few GPIO - especially the RX/TX of the 4 USART as TTL
and an I2C header, but it has only one USB port.
There are smaller RM9200 boards with just a single RAM chip, which
usually results in lower speed and without a switch.
If you want more power and you have access to grid power a sheva plug
can also be a nice alternative.
On the other hand - I personally often use much smaller ARM7 with
an embedded IP stack instead of a full featured FreeBSD system.
Those systems can be even smaller since they don't need large
SDRAM chips and the controllers are physically smaller as well.

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> Subject: Re: Smallest ARM Device for FreeBSD
> Is depends - which features you need?
> I believe FreeBSD 8 or -current can be run on most 10x10cm ARM Xscale
> boards, but only kernel and very minimal md rootfs.
> Also you may need to port some i2c stuff and fix IRQ->GPIO etc.
> //batcill
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