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Date:      Tue, 11 Oct 2005 13:20:29 -0700
From:      Danny Howard <>
To:        Joshua Weaver <>
Cc:, 'free bsd' <>
Subject:   Re: GRE tunnels anyone?
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On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 01:06:58PM -0500, Joshua Weaver wrote:
> The company I work for uses a lot of multicast tunnels, usually with a
> QOS/GRE implementation with quite pricy hardware.  I googled around a bit,
> it looks like basic vpn is supported for FreeBSD. I guess my questions are
> 1.)    Does FreeBSD play well with vpn-capable routers  (like a 3Com 5012)
> 2.)    Would getting acceptable latency tunneling multicast mean hardware
> that's just as expensive as a router costing thousands?


We run a tunnel using gif interfaces, managed by racoon.  The
performance is less than super, but I think that's a constraint of our
network resources.

My answer would be: "Why not grab a spare box and try it out?"  If the
day's diversion may lead you to saving thousands, then please spend a
little more effort and write a brief article on a blog or a journal
somewhere to help the next person who comes along asking your question.

The handbook has a great chapter on how-to-setup-a-tunnel-from-scratch,
though it sounds like you don't need a lot of hand-holding.

I would LIKE to think that if we spent a bit of cash on proper VPN
hardware, that tunnel maintenance would be easier and performance might
be better.  Well, that's an aside.

Good Luck,


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