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Date:      Sat, 30 Nov 1996 23:54:47 -0500 (EST)
From: (Christopher J. Booth)
Subject:   Installing FreeBSD on New 2nd Hard Drive
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How should I set up a new second hard drive to install and run FreeBSD?

Yesterday I bought a new 2.1-GB hard drive and installed it. I already have
a 1.2-GB hard drive, master on the first IDE drive, with a 50-MB DOS
partition; I had previously had about a ~400-MB FreeBSD partition, and then
the rest was taken up by Red Hat Linux 4.0. The cdrom is attached as a
slave on the first IDE drive.

I wanted to put FreeBSD on the new drive, by itself, and dedicate all but
the ~50 MB to Linux.

It seems that FreeBSD will only install on the 2nd drive if that drive is
jumpered as a slave in the 2nd IDE drive.

But the computer will only recognize the 2nd hard drive if it is master on
the 2nd IDE drive. DOS will not recognize the 2nd drive, and AMIBIOS says
that the disk has failed if it is jumpered as slave on the 2nd IDE drive.
CMOS acknowledges it.

Incidentally, Linux very sweetly recognizes everything, and LILO ("Linux
loader"), tried to install all three choices in the boot manager on the
first drive, but that screwed up somehow, and right now nothing boots.
BootEasy didn't see Linux, or install on the boot manager on the first


BTW, I am rather tired, so I apologise if my message here is even more
incoherent than usual.

Chris Booth          What, in ill thought again? Men must endure    Their going hence, even as their coming hither:
                     Ripeness is all.   ...     --Edgar, _King Lear_

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