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Date:      Thu, 27 Jan 2011 11:39:35 -0200
From:      Sergio de Almeida Lenzi <>
To:        ajtiM <>
Subject:   Re: future of the desktop
Message-ID:  <1296135575.2036.22.camel@z6000.lenzinote>
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Em Qui, 2011-01-27 às 06:09 -0600, ajtiM escreveu:

> "Thanks to Solid's new UPower, UDev and UDisks backends, the deprecated HAL is 
> no longer needed to manage hardware on Linux. Applications do not need to be 
> updated to make use of these new backends. The HAL backend is still available 
> for systems that do not support UPower. "
> It happened with XFCE and now the same story with KDE. Is GNOME next?
> How looks like the future of desktop on FreeBSD or is time to install Linux 
> here?

Just my thoughts...

I was looking at the Netbsd, it has been slow for eons, till money
I think that is the same with FreeBSD.  I have a company here in Brazil
makes FreeBSD servers, and IP telephony using  asterisk and gatekeepers
(to router video).
It has been around for about a year now, I must make a step forward, so
I try to hire
some people or to teach them to program in gtk, and build some parts
that freebsd is
missing: (webcam, wireless network manage, printers, ...)  I realize
that it is very difficult
and would take a lot of time. 

The solution :I will try is to make money selling servers, and
cryptography (gely) virtual
desktops using vnc, access to remote windows running on virtualboxes...
and with this money,
hire people in the internet (or in the freeBSD community) to finish the
missing parts,
and than donate the code back to freebsd...

That is not a lot of money,  for what I see, about US$5000.00 a month
would fix a lot of things.
and is is cheaper that hire employees here and pay all the costs...

This way, I can make what I do best: the Servers, virtualboxes, selling,
support, databases.

and let the other things (printers, wireless network manager=wicd,
printer, scanner, webcam, ekiga, some crap notebooks...)
to a stuff hired in internet...  Here I can pay them as "tecnological
apport" and deduce the money from the IRS...

Am I right or am I wrong???


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