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Date:      Sat, 5 Jul 1997 00:02:20 -0600 (MDT)
From:      Wes Peters <>
To:        Support <>
Subject:   hello
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 > I want to start up an ISP bussiness but i want to know if this software is
 > good for that. Also i want to know if this is an operating system? is this
 > unix? is it graphical? i only work on win 95 and win nt will i Be lost?

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

1) FreeBSD makes an excellent platform to run an ISP from.  It comes
   standard with all of the internet servers on the CD-ROM.  You have
   several web servers to choose from, including Apache, which dominates
   the WWW; a recent survey found 42% of all web sites served by Apache.
   You can also run Roxen, (, and the BSD/OS version of
   Netscape Commerce Server if you are into sending Netscape money for
   something you can do better elsewhere.  The FTP server that comes
   with FreeBSD is good, but if you want to run a high-traffic ftp site,
   install wu-ftpd from the 'packages.'

2) FreeBSD is a UNIX-like operating system.  It is based on the 4.4BSD
   operating system developed at the University of California at
   Berkeley, and has more history than most computer companies.  ;^)

3) See number 2.  You can't be called "UNIX" unless you pay somebody a
   "The Open Group", formerly known as OSF (for "Oppose Sun Forever") to
   test your operating system and formally brand it "UNIX."  On the
   other hand, what most people consider UNIX is the BSD roots of

4) Is it graphical?  No UNIX OS is really graphical, UNIX developers
   still understand the difference between a window and a system call.
   FreeBSD does come with a graphical user interface system called
   XFree86, a port of X11R6 for x86 UNIX-like systems.  If you're
   familiar with X on UNIX workstations, you'll be right at home here.

5) You're new to UNIX, of course you'll be lost.  On the other hand,
   there are lots of people here and elsewhere who want to help you.
   First take a look at a bunch of books from O'Reilly and Associates
   (see  You'll need, at a minimum: Essential UNIX
   Administration, TCP/IP Network Administration, and Administering DNS
   and BIND.  Basically, buy everything they have with a blue spine.
   You don't necessarily need to read each one cover to cover, but
   you'll end up needing each one before you're really comfortable.

   While you're on your book-buying spree, you'll probably want a copy
   of "Unix System Administration" by Nemeth, Synder, and Seebass,
   published by Prentice Hall.  It's the best book on BSD system admin
   around.  Please note that if you have an experienced UNIX admin
   around that you can ask questions, you can probably skip several of
   these.  You should probably get the Nemeth et al book and the TCP/IP
   Network Administration book as a starting point, and add others as
   you need.

You're probably asking yourself "Self, what am I going to get in return
for all this hard work?"  Good question.  You'll get a rock-solid
internet server.  Actually, you'll probably get a bunch of them.  All
successful ISPs eventually grow to need multiples of mail servers, news
servers, web servers, login servers, etc.  Plus workstations for tech
support, billing, account administration, and network administration.
Plus, you'll need off-line servers where you can test updates and new
versions of software before crashing customers with them.  Isn't it nice
to know that as you add each of these machines, you don't have to put
another $1000 in Bill the Goats personal account?  You just slip the
FreeBSD CD-ROM into the drive, or even install it from an FTP server
there at your site!

Welcome to FreeBSD, you're going to have fun.

          "Where am I, and what am I doing in this handbasket?"

Wes Peters                                                       Softweyr LLC             

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