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Date:      Fri, 05 Jan 96 10:58:40 -0800
From:      John Crosswhite <>
Subject:   User PPP and rtinit
Message-ID:  <>

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I have a small problem.  Unfortunately, I am not in front of my box currently
so I cannot make this as precise as I want to.

Here is the scenerio:

Boot the machine
Start PPP
Connection Established
Done with PPP session and disconnect

NOW, when I attempt to start another ppp session after a good session has
been disconnected wierd things start to happen.  After the connection is 
established, I do a show ipcp in ppp and everything looks fine.  Now I try
to ping a host located on the remote network.  <Nothing>  I now check my 
ppp screen and BEHOLD a message from rtinit has arrived.  The message is
something like:

rtinit:  File Exists blah...blah...blah...

(Sorry, it was late last night when it happened and I wasn't paying REAL
 close attention)

Hopefully someone somewhere has seen this problem before and is able and
willing to help.

Thank you all in advance.

John Crosswhite                      :     E-Mail: 
System Administrator	             :     Office:  541-715-4170 
Hewlett Packard                      :	   
Corvallis, OR			     :

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