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Date:      Sun, 20 Jul 1997 03:41:25 +0000
From:      Joshua Fielden <>
To:        "Gary D. Margiotta" <>
Cc:        Joe Diehl <>, freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: [Nevermind: System Rebooting when starting X]
Message-ID:  <>
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Gary D. Margiotta wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > I just upgraded my Pentium 60 system to an Asus P55T2P4S (on-board
> > AIC-7880) and I temporarily have an AMD K5-90 in the system until
> > I buy either a K6-200 or and Intel 166-MMX (any recommendations for
> > a processor under FreeBSD?).
> I have been watching the -hardware list, and quite a few people are having
> problems with the new K6-200's, but that can also be because of
> non-correct settings on the MB.  The Intel 166-MMX is fast, though you pay
> for it...If you want a decent processor for the buck, I would reccommend
> looking in to the Cyrix line.  We run three 150+'s from a while back and
> they perform well and we haven't had any problems with them.  I heard the
> 200+'s are a good chip, but you need a good motherboard for them.. The
> Asus you have should handle it no problem.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't
> mind having a new Intel 200-MMX, but I just can't see spending that much
> for it yet.  As you noticed, I am a little biased for the Cyrix chips.  We
> have had pretty good luck with them, so we like them.
> Just my $.02
> -Gary Margiotta
> TBE Internet Services

Doesn't MMX use <I'm not a chip engineer, don't flame me for terminology
:-) > opcodes and/or instructions that were previously reserved for
FLOPs, therefore having to do context-switching at a very slow speed to
do any FPU-intensive operations? I had a friend who ran Quake on a
P200-MMX, and said it ran faster on his P-133. <Quake is one of the few
games that uses complex FLOPs to achieve it's results> Please gently
correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that make MMX non-optimal for most
BSD apps?


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