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Subject:   Health and Inactivity Conference 2020
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HEALTH AND INACTIVITY CONFERENCE=0A=0AThe Royal Society of Medicine, London=
=0A=0A30th April 2020=0A=0A=EF=BB=BF=0A=0AFront-line professionals understa=
nd more than anyone about the pressures of=0Athe increasing demand on healt=
h and social care at the same time as=0Amanaging tighter budgets. Managing =
this demand is part of the day to day=0Awork of surgeries, clinics, care ho=
mes and wards across the country.=0ADebates on how to best approach these i=
ssues have often focused on how we=0Acan better run our services but it is =
now widely accepted that preventing=0Apeople becoming ill in the first plac=
e =E2=80=93 protecting or improving their=0Ahealth before they need treatme=
nt =E2=80=93 is of increased importance.=0A=0AThe members of a community ar=
e the most valuable resource in shaping=0Asuccessful local programmes. - Sp=
ort England=0A=0AOur 2020 Why Sports conference will provide an inclusive p=
latform to=0Adiscuss current evidence whilst providing insight on how as a =
nation, we=0Acan all work towards a sustainable preventative health approac=
h across our=0Acommunities through the promotion and prescription of physic=
AKERS=0A=0ATim McLachlan=0A=0AOperations Director Local Services=0A=0AAlzhe=
imer's Society=0A=0ASue Brown=0A=0ACEO=0A=0A=EF=BB=BFARMA=0A=0ACarly Tutty =
- Johnson=0A=0AHealthy Ageing & Dementia Programme Lead=0A=0APublic Health =
England=0A=0ADELEGATE TICKETS=0A=0APublic Sector =C2=A3225=0A=0A3rd Sector =
=C2=A3175=0A=0APrivate Sector =C2=A3395=0A=0AFor more information call +44(=
0)161 464 8688=0A=0A[3]REGISTER INTEREST / BUY TICKETS=0A=0AWhy Sports are =
asking for contributions from our community for our blog=0Asite. If you hav=
e an inspiring case study or a story to tell that has=0Aincreased activity =
, please do not hesitate to get in touch.=0A=0A[4]Contact us=0A=0A82 year o=
ld Norman C=C3=B4t=C3=A9 cycled 200 kilometers each day to become world=0Ac=
hampion!=0A=0A[5]Click here to find out more=0A=0A[6]TAKE ME TO THE WHY SPO=
RTS BLOG SITE=0A=0AFollow us on social media for more info & updates=0A[7]T=
witter [8]LinkedIn [9]YouTube=0A=0A[10]=0A=0AReferences=0A=0A1. https://hea=
option=3Dcom_content&view=3Darticle&id=3D74&Itemid=3D134=0A2. https://healt=
tion=3Dcom_content&view=3Darticle&id=3D74&Itemid=3D134=0A3. https://healthy= mailto:enquiries@wsmg.= am interested in supplying information for the Why Sports=
 Blog Site=0A5.
ed=0A9. http=
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