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Date:      Wed, 11 Jul 2007 10:14:57 +0200
From:      Zbigniew Szalbot <>
To:        Freebsd questions <>
Subject:   finding the USB drive name, mounting and formatting
Message-ID:  <>

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I have kernel compiled with USB support and I plugged in a USB drive:
messages show this information:

Jul 11 09:48:22 lists kernel: umass0: Myson Century, Inc. USB Mass Storage
Device, rev 2.00/b0.07, addr 2
Jul 11 09:48:22 lists kernel: da0 at umass-sim0 bus 0 target 0 lun 0
Jul 11 09:48:22 lists kernel: da0: <ST380021 A 3.19> Fixed Direct Access
SCSI-0 device 
Jul 11 09:48:22 lists kernel: da0: 1.000MB/s transfers
Jul 11 09:48:22 lists kernel: da0: 76319MB (156301488 512 byte sectors:
255H 63S/T 9729C)

I created /mnt/usbck and would like to mount it there, then format it as it
uses msdos file system (FAT).

How do I determine the name of the drive is my first problem. It is not
da0, it is? What is the command to check it? I mean I think it is not da0
because da0 timestamp is a few days old. 

I guess I need something like that:
mount -t msdosfs /dev/??? /mnt/usbck

Once I have it there, what is the best way to format this drive (I would
like to use it for backup with FBSD file system)?

Thank you very much in advance!

Zbigniew Szalbot

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