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Date:      Fri, 5 Jan 1996 14:00:45 -0700
From: (Sean Kelly)
Subject:   Re: Finding interrupts
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> (message from Craig Shrimpton on Fri, 5 Jan 1996 15:25:01 -0500 (EST))

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>>>>> "Craig" == Craig Shrimpton <> writes:

    Craig> Greetings, Linux has a /proc feature that allows you to
    Craig> look at interrupts, ioports, devices, etc.  Does FreeBSD
    Craig> have any such feature?


If you're using FreeBSD 2.0.5 or later, you don't even need to
recompile your kernel, since the proc filesystem is an automatically
loaded kernel module.

Add this line to your /etc/fstab

	proc /proc procfs rw 0 0

Then type, as root

	mount /proc

You don't have to type that after you reboot ... since it's in
/etc/fstab, it'll be mounted automatically.

Sean Kelly
NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory, Boulder Colorado USA

Why do people in ship mutinies always ask for "better treatment"? I'd
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-- Jack Handey

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