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Date:      Sat, 9 Dec 1995 17:40:31 -0800 (PST)
From: (David H)
Subject:   2.0.5 System Quit Taking Logins?
Message-ID:  <>

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Background: I'm running a conferencing system on 2.0.5 FreeBSD.
The PC is about 50 miles (don't know what that is in kilometers)
from me, so I can't tend to it easily. It had been running since
November 15, 1995 with no special errors in the messages file.

Problem: This morning a couple of people were logged on at 1:40AM
and then nobody was able to login after that.  Telnetting in said
connection made and then no 'getty' message and no login prompt.
Was able to type carriage returns and it would go down a line, but
not able to login. ping said it was alive and there were traceroute
results. Don't know if the web server was responding at that time.

Paged the system office and they power-cycled it. They said there
was no login prompt at the monitor and no error messages on the
console. /var/log/messages and dmesg - show no error messages. It
booted fine when it was restarted. (That was 9am, by the way.)

This afternoon I suddenly got the same symptoms: telnet in gave
blank lines and no login prompt.  Tried twice from two different
systems. Then I tried   lynx   and got the
web page just fine. Then I tried telnet in again and got in. There
were four people on and again no error messages anywhere. (This 
morning nobody was able to get in after 1:40am and a lot of people

Any advice? I do intend to upgrade to 2.1 when I get the CD.
Thanks! Y'all have been very helpful.

later, david
David Hawkins
When you can't do as you would, you must do as you can.  
                       -- Anna Warner

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