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Date:      Fri, 14 Apr 95 11:58:52 PST
From:      "Wayne Hernandez" <>
Subject:   2.1 GB SCSI DIsk won't newfs
Message-ID:  <>

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     I'm trying to install 2.0-950322-SNAP (will probably change to the 
     April before the weekend is thru).  I can assign the partitions to the 
     drive, but when I tell it to proceed, the system just locks up.  I 
     have my system configured as follows:
     2.1 GB Seagate "Barracuda" external SCSI ID=2
     SONY SDT-4000 DAT Tape Drive SCSI ID=3 w/terminator
     Maxtor 540MB IDE Drive (300 MB for Dos, rest is FreeBSD)
     386DX-40 MB
     8 MB Ram
     SoundBlaster SCSI/Soundcard (recognizes the tapedrive/Harddrive)
     3COM 3C503 TP/AUI Port 300, IRQ 3, IOMEM 0xdc000
     Intel Ethernet Express PRO TP/BNC (can't get configured yet) Port 320, 
     IRQ 10, IOMEM 0x0, IOSIZE 32768
     Is there something I left out?  I had no problems installing to the 
     IDE disk, but don't have enough room to load source for compiling a 
     kernel to support the Intel card.

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