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Date:      Fri, 26 Mar 2021 14:30:09 -0700
From:      "Russell L. Carter" <>
To:        =?UTF-8?Q?T=C4=B3l_Coosemans?= <>
Subject:   Re: ipps cups printer broken recently
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On March 26, 2021 5:58:36 AM MST, "T=C4=B3l Coosemans" <tijl@FreeBSD=2Eorg=
> wrote:
>On Thu, 25 Mar 2021 17:54:26 -0700 "Russell L=2E Carter"
><rcarter@pinyon=2Eorg> wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I don't print much but tax season is coming up and
>> now I need too=2E  Last July I had gotten a Brother_HL_L2340D
>> working via ipps protocol=2E  Sometime in the last months
>> that protocol stopped working=2E  I see that cups has been
>> updated to 2=2E3=2E3op2=2E  Now it can't see my printer, but a
>> linux box on the same network sees it just fine:
>> This is a stable/13 box with up to date ports tree=2E
>> $ linux> lpstat -l -e
>> Brother_HL-L2340D_series permanent=20
>> ipp://localhost/printers/Brother_HL-L2340D_series=20
>> ipp://Brother%20HL-L2340D%20series=2E_ipp=2E_tcp=2Elocal/
>> Brother_HL_L2340D_series_knuth network none=20
>> $ freebsd> lpstat -l -e
>> That is, no output produced=2E
>> When I try to add the printer on FreeBSD using the cups
>> interface (http://localhost:631/) it can find:
>> Brother HL-L2340D series (Brother HL-L2340D series)
>> However the connection is lpd://BRWD80F9967A5AB/BINARY_P1, and
>> after configuring as a RAW printer as before, it cannot contact
>> the printer when printing the test page=2E
>> I earlier used to kludge this by sharing the printer from linux
>> cups but now the freebsd box doesn't see that either=2E  Linux cups
>> prints a test page just fine over ipps=2E  Linux cups is version
>> 2=2E3=2E3op2, same as freebsd cups=2E
>> Anyone have an idea how I might fix this?  Did the cups adjacent
>> set of packages change so I now missing something essential?
>Do you have cups-filters installed?

-- cups-filters-1=2E28=2E6_5
I have not modified the installed cups packages or port options since it w=
as known working a few months ago=2E

(God I hate typing on fones=2E  Thunderbird nuked itself for unknown reaso=
ns this morning and a hopeful poudriere update dragged in a new openssl, so=
 a good 650 ports are now building, oof)
Sent from my Android device with K-9 Mail=2E Please excuse my brevity=2E
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On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 03:43:41PM +0000, tech-lists wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 03:36:20PM +0000, tech-lists wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Recently there was an update to cover the cve[s] for openssl. On many
> >systems I'm running 21.2-p4. When I run freebsd-update fetch it says
> >"The following files will be updated as part of updating to
> >12.2-RELEASE-p5:"
> >[long list of files]
> >
> >so I run freebsd-update install, it all installs, then reboot.
> >But uname -a still says 12.2-p4
> agh ignore me. freebsd-update -u returns p5. there's no kernel update in
> -p5 so thats why uname -a doesn't include it
> sorry for the noise
> -- 
> J.

I get 

uname -a
FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p5 FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p5 GENERIC  amd64

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