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Date:      Sun, 15 Jan 2012 08:43:13 -0800
From:      Paul Beard <>
Cc:        FreeBSD-questions <>
Subject:   Re: database apps that ignore sockets? [was: Solution: mysqld fails to run, can't create/find mysql.sock]
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On Jan 15, 2012, at 8:17 AM, Chuck Swiger wrote:

> Something looking for a network location specified as a host and port =
(ie, localhost:3306) is using a TCP socket.  Something looking for =
/tmp/mysqld.sock is using a UNIX domain socket.
> Changing the path to the UNIX domain socket will have no effect upon =
the port used by the TCP socket, or vice versa.

Useful clarification but a UNIX domain socket sounds less like =
networking and more like interprocess communication, i.e., something =
explicitly tied to a single host. There is a "skip networking" option =
for MySQL that references the domain socket for use by processes on the =
same host but doesn't accept connections on port 3306. There's no =
indication that using localhost will default to a domain socket which =
will explicitly be looked for in /tmp and if you put it anywhere else, =
you must specify a hostname to access the TCP socket.=20

I'll quote your definition in the bug report as it seems crystal clear.=20=

Paul Beard

Are you trying to win an argument or solve a problem?=20


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