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Date:      Sat, 9 Apr 2011 08:01:48 +0700
From:      Erich Dollansky <>
Cc:        Carmel <>
Subject:   Re: Mailing list etiquette (Was: Re: Linksys-E4200 Wireless N-router)
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On Saturday 09 April 2011 05:46:43 Carmel wrote:
> On Fri, 8 Apr 2011 15:50:52 -0600
> Chad Perrin <> articulated:
> The solution to this problem is so obvious that I am amazed that no one

this is a solution which creates just new problems.

> has proposed it. Simply require the poster to be subscribed to the
> list. Other high quality lists, such as but not limited to Postfix have
> that requirement in place. If a potential poster is either too stupid
> or too lazy to subscribe then that is their problem. For the record, I
> have subscribed to lists before simple to post one question. Upon
> receiving an answer, I terminated my subscription. I did not feel the
> least bit inconvenienced.

You did not, but the rest of us would have.


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