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Date:      Sat, 6 Jan 1996 00:02:59 +0200
From:      Petri Helenius <>
To:        Wes Santee <>
Subject:   Thruput at 28.8 slower than 24.4. Huh?
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Wes Santee writes:
 > Okay, first my setup:
 > When the receive speed of my modem is set to 24.4 - 26.6bps,
 > everything is smooth as silk.  When I get a true 28.8 connection,
 > however, my throughput slows down to about 1/10th the speed it was
 > running at w/26.6bps or below.  At 28.8, I'll get a burst of
 > something, then nothing for a couple seconds, then another burst,
 > etc.  At 26.6 data just streams away.
 > Any ideas from the software side what this might be before
 > suspecting hardware?
It's likely that your modem is clueless enough not to drop the rate
when it really should but instead is experiencing high error rates at
28800 when it could get almost all it's data through with only a little
lower rate.


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