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Date:      Thu, 17 Jan 2008 09:19:29 -0600
From:      "Darryl Hoar" <>
To:        "'Jim Stapleton'" <>, <>
Subject:   RE: CPu Questions
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> In a smaller environment (50 users) will processor selection make
> any real difference ?  Website with some simple php scripting and
> mysql databases tied in .


-->> Network: 100Mb switched soon to be GB switched.

-> Disk: How much information are you pulling off of the disk? If you
are doing complex queries on a 1GByte table, and server multi-megabyte
files, and using an ATA66 drive without a RAID setup, that disk is
probably going to be a slowdown for your system, and running 4x Quad
Core Xeons (core-based, not netburst) overclocked to 5Ghz won't be
noticably faster than a single Pentium 4 and 2.8Ghz. (OK, that might
be a slight exaggeration). Memory is helpful in this case. Memory can
help  here too.

-->> Disk: Databases will be text lookup (think customer records, and
a bug tracker).  sorting records will possibly be on multiple keys.
Data insertion will be VERY low volume.

-> CPU: How much is there in the way of calculations? Are the queries
simple or complex? Are there a lot of loops (even a "simple" program
with a lot of loops or recursion can be very CPU intensive)?

-->>CPU: Don't expect queries to be super complex.  Every once in a
while there might be a more complex query, but meat and potatoes will
be simple.


Does that help answer your question?

-->> partially
-Jim Stapleton


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