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Date:      Sun, 25 Aug 1996 16:42:30 +0000
From:      "Richard Lyon" <>
To:, "John W. Rasins" <>
Subject:   Re: 2.1.5 - Floppy Installation
Message-ID:  <>

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> I offered to document the floppy install, but no one has sent me any
> information on whom to contact or where to look.  But I do empathize with
> you.  So here goes, and maybe part of this will make it to the docs.


> 1. (Finally) A discussion of the new floppy requirements.  For all
> distributions you are interested in, download the .inf file and the .aa
> through .?? files.  Some cases there is only the .aa file.  The new process
> uses the .inf file to determine that the distribution exists, how many .??
> files there are, along with some other pieces of information.  Therefore,
> the first floppy of any distribution must contain the .inf file.

This is not such a big deal, providing one is warned before hand.

> 2. The installation process doesn't prompt you for the next distribution
> set.  It simply looks at the floppy in the drive after it has completed the
> install of the current set.  If the next -- and this is important too, but
> I'll cover it in step 3 -- .inf file isn't on this floppy, the install puts
> up a message that the other distributions you selected were not found on the
> media and continues on its merry way.  Bad move on the core architects part
> -- I suggest a fix here?!

This extended feature is a real pain. If one has to install different 
distributions on different machines, all permutations have to be 
placed on the last floppy of each distribution.

It would be nice if this could be fixed.

> Second choice is to have all the .inf files, along with the last file, for
> all distributions you plan on installing sitting on one to two diskettes
> (depending on how many you choose).  This is a little harder since you must
> know when the installation process is asking for the last file.  And when it
> does, make sure you insert this ".inf" diskette.  This is definitely a more
> painful way of doing the install, but it is what I ended up doing since I
> did not know the "order" at the time.

Alternatively, just put every inf file on the last floppy of each 
distribution (Gatesian electroencephalography).

Regards Richard ....

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