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Date:      Tue, 31 Dec 2002 09:54:19 -0800
From:      "Aaron Burke" <>
To:        "FreeBSD-Questions" <>, "bryan cassidy" <>
Subject:   RE: Hangs on boot.
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> Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2002 09:04 AM
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> Subject: Hangs on boot.
> Hello. I am using FreeBSD 4.7 right now and was
> wondering something. In my /etc/rc.conf file I made
> sendmail_enable="YES" sendmail_enable="NO" and when I
> boot the system hands for a few minutes at the most
> when trying to start the sendmail daemons. Is there a
> way to stop the system from hanging at boot time?
> Please Cc: (I can't send e-mails
> from my POP account to the mailing list for some
> strange reason) thanks in advance.

POP is not generally for sending mail. It is typically used to
retrieve mail. It sounds like you have a problem with your
SMTP server. One thing that kind of hung me up in the past
was assuming that I could always use the account It would work fine on some connections,
but not when dialed into some isp's. I later learned that
you should be using your internet service providers smtp server.

For example, lets take AOL. AOL will let you use any SMTP server
in the world, with no problems. However when you dial into 
JoeBlow ISP, you should use something like


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