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Date:      Sat, 7 Jun 1997 18:34:26 -0400
From:      Randall Hopper <>
To:        Michael Law <>
Cc:        freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: How to get 3D Menus in XFree86?
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <>; from Steve Howe on Fri, Jun 06, 1997 at 06:11:39PM -0800
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On Fri, 6 Jun 1997, Michael Law wrote:
> Dear Sir:
>      I install XFree 3.2 on FreeBSD 2.2.1.  But the X window dispaly on
> 2D menus.  How can I get 3D menu just as SCO Unix or Solaris?

If by 3D menus, you mean the 3D shadowed look that the CDE and Motif window
managers and applications give you, then you just need to switch away from
your current window manager (probably "twm" -- check your ~/.xinitrc to
find out for sure which one you're using).

To grab X window managers prepackaged for FreeBSD, look in:

For an overview of what various window managers look like before pulling
one, see:

IMO, AfterStep is the best, especially if you run >=15bpp :-) fvwm2 and
fvwm95 are also pretty popular.  And all three will give you a 3d look your
interested in for window manager decorations (window borders, root menus,

And for prebuilt Athena apps in particular, you can get 3D look by
downloading the Xaw3D package (also in the x11 directory), and link it to
the Xaw libraries in your X11R6/lib directory.  Or grab the neXtaw library
from the AfterStep page (off the above URL), build it, and do the same.

Randall Hopper

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