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Date:      Fri, 13 Sep 1996 21:14:37 +0000 ()
From:      Tim Pushor <>
Subject:   Re: <sigh> yet another PPP question.
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On Fri, 13 Sep 1996, Doug White wrote:

> > I know this type of question has been asked plenty of times before, but
> > searching back through the archives has lead me to believe there are many
> > people out there that can't get a PPP server/router working properly.
> > There are also many conflicting resolutions.
> I'm trying to get such a config up so we have it documented.

That is a good thing! I would do such a thing as well if I could get it

> > my setup:
> > FreeBSD 2.1.5 Release, one Ethernet board. No routed, no gated,
> > PPP,gateway,internet forwarding,proxyarp enabled. I have a hayes 28.8k
> > modem running fine off this box.
> > I am directly connected to the internet via cisco 1004. I have small
> > subnet of 25 ip's. I want to be able to dial in remotely, access my
> > network, and get out onto the internet.
> Please describe this "small subnet of 25 IPs".  Are they valid Internet
> addresses, or are they excluded addresses (10.x.x.x, etc.)?

Yes. They are valid Internet IP's. I am using them now.

> > I have kernel ppp setup and running. I can dial in and establish a
> > connection. I can ping the FreeBSD box, but cannot ping outside that box..
> > either to the local subnet or to the internet.
> >
> > Note, I am unable to provide an IP for my dialup system that is outside
> > the range of the 25 ip's that I have now. Some people say that is
> > necessary, some say it isn't.....
> I don't think so.  If the dialup machine has a valid IP within the LAN the
> PPP server is in, packet forwarding should take care of it and an explicit
> route on the server to make sure the packets to the dialup machine gets
> routed down the pipe.

How should the route on the server be setup? I assumed since proxyarp was
running, other machines would send packets destined to the remote end of
the PPP to the server's NIC. I was hoping there was some sort of automagic
thing happenening to forward the packets to the proper place.

> > > I know proxyarp is running, as I can ping the *remote* machine from
> > another machine on my local network, but not vise versa.
> You're not running filtering, are you?

No I am not.

> > Is there anything funky that has to be done with netmasks? I believe my
> > netmask for my dialup machine is while the netmask for my
> > local subnet is I really don't know whats going on here,
> > as using Windows NT RAS, the subnet mask on the dialup client is not the
> > same as the physical subnet on which it belongs.. Geez, I am so confused.
> The netmasks should ALL match.  Otherwise the broadcast addresses (among
> other things) get messed up.

Yes. I understand the purpose of subnets, but I also work alot with
Windows NT, and all the dialup clients have subnet mask set to I assume the server does something funky with them to/from
the PPP link.

Thanks for any help you can offer. This has been bothering me for some
time now.

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