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Date:      Sat, 27 Mar 2021 10:28:50 +0800
From:      wa5qjh <>
Subject:   arm64 FreeBSD13-RC3 /home vs, /usr/home
Message-ID:  <>

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Are not the same thing. /home used to be a link to /usr/home  but its not in=
 the armV6 versions of 13-RC3. I don't know if that's by design or not.
  and as a user in the boonies with mostly bad internet, may I request that i=
n package scripts, larger items like llvm10 be fetched very early on instead=
 of nearly last, please!
If llvm fails to fetch, all that was fetched previously is wasted when you m=
ake the attempt again. With metered internet accounts thats money and bandwi=
dth down the drain. Yes, its ridiculous how something so small as 100 MB or e=
ven 30MB  can be such an issue, but in a marginal internet area like where I=
 am, it is! So, by placing the "big ones" at the beginning (say, xorg), it m=
atters little to folks with bandwidth, but to us in the boonies, woukd be a b=
ig help.

Gary Corell
 Ya gotta see time beyond the end of your nose=

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