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Date:      Wed, 9 Apr 2008 16:12:01 +0300
From:      "Dimitar Trandov" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   Jails config
Message-ID:  <!~!>

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I've installed a fresh new 7.0 FreeBSD server with 2 intherface cards.
On it, I have to run simultaneously some of my public services - name
server(bind), smtp(postfix) and www(apache) server.
I found that solution based on jails is suitable for my needs, but I have no
any experience with jails.
I know that jail has own a single IP address - for named, this is ok I thing
- but what about other services ? I have an administrative panel, which make
some changes on www server, so I can not remap requests to that panel to
listen on private lan - I have to use public ip to manage my www site trough
web interface. For smtp the situation is the same - if my smtp server is
only smtp relay server that do some basic checks and then have to forward
mails to the core smtp sever, where I do spam and other check. Have to use
again public addressess to talk these servers each others ?!? Again - I have
no experience or maybe jails is not the right solutions for me ?!? I think,
that the almost the same config is described in the handbook, so I think
that I miss something or maybe I have to do things in standart way, I mean
without jails ?!? Generally, my question is how to remap some sensitive
tasks through private addresses or route smpt messagess from smtp relay to
mailboxes in private lan, when these services is runs on jails?

Thanks in advanvce and sorry for my English