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Date:      Sun, 28 Dec 2003 11:48:39 -0500
From:      "Jonathan T. Sage" <>
To:        The MiP RvL <>
Subject:   Re: updates + acpi
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The MiP RvL wrote:
> Hello
> I want to start using FreeBSD after using debian unstable for a year :)
> So I installed FreeBSD 5.1 about 2 months ago.
> I installed gaim and figured out that this version of gaim didn't support msn. So I wanted to upgrade my ports tree, but because my laptop is 300 mhz, I do not want to recompile my whole ports tree. I looked at freebsd-update but couldn't figure out how it worked. I also looked at PACKAGESITE and PACKAGEROOT, but that only grabs the latest packages instead of updating the whole ports system. (I'm missing the apt-get update/upgrade tools:) Could somebody show me how to update the ports.

Roland -
    if you're just looking for the latest version of gaim, chances are 
that 'pkg_add -r gaim' will do what you want.  That should add the 
latest package from the master packages repository. Otherwise, check out 
the section of the handbook dealing with updating the ports tree with 
cvsup, and manually install gaim again. 

as far as you're acpi problem, there are a number of documented problems 
with 5.1, many will be fixed with 5.2, but i have not been following 
those discussions close enough to know if your machine is effected by 
the known issues or something new.


Jonathan T. Sage
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